She’s got a heavy heart, a messy soul, a reckless mind and I think it’s beautiful the way she carries herself.

Hey there, this is Jasmin! I’m currently 23 yrs old and was born and raised in Germany – still living there, just sayin’. I’m pretty proud of my hair – it has a beautiful color and is long enough to be called mermaid hair. I’m serious, my hair is like super long. I pretty much love my family and friends – but mostly books. I like piña coladas (and gettin’ caught in the rain). I love to sing even if no one wants to hear it.

I love to dance and adore Marvel Comics. I love candles and the smell of lemon – candles with the scent of lemons are heaven for me. I really wish for a unicorn to ride everywhere on its back – or a dragon. A dragon would be cool, too. Listening to Bastille (!) or Adele helps me to calm down and find inner peace. I still love Disney movies and dream about the prince on his white horse. I have never enough books, but I still don’t have enough space.

I’m sarcastic and love to laugh about my own jokes. You need to know – I’m absolutely hilarious! I’m perfectly good at shooting deadly glances in your direction. But there’s really no need to worry – most of the time I’m just a big cinnamon roll, trying to please everyone around me and make my friends happy. I’m always open for questions ‘n’ stuff, so don’t be afraid to ask. Now there’s one big question left. Why is am I writing in English? It’s pretty easy – I simply prefer English books over German ones. I think, english is a beautiful language and even if I’m not a native speaker, I love to write and even talk that way. ❥

Quick Facts
↠ I’m a sucker for (fandom) candles – like really. If I could, my whole flat would be covered in them.
↠ Sometimes I imagine myself as a dragon. I’m hoarding books. No kidding.
↠ More often than not I’m slipping into English while speaking.
↠ I don’t have too many books, I’ve got too little space. I need more shelves!
↠ Don’t get me started about Marvel comics ever. You’ll lose in every imaginable way. I can talk about them forever.
↠ I set my reading goals extremely low. Just so that I can feel better when I read more.

Why is this blog called writings from hell? Sometimes I do imagine books being writings from hell. Being catchy, claiming a place in your heart and then destroying you from the inside. So don’t get me wrong – I really adore books. More than anything else. But often they’re ripping my heart apart, leaving me broken. Come on, you know that feeling, don’t you? Yes, yes you do!

What are you blogging about? I do write about everything that comes in handy and relates to books. There will be reviews as well as discussions, memes, fangirling and my freshly shopped babies.