bookstagram 101: post ideas

I’ve been on bookstagram for half a year now and I’ve come across some struggles every user encounters sooner or later. After searching the web for solutions to my own problems – and not fidning enough helpful tips – I decided to start a new series called bookstagram 101. Here I’m focusing on different aspects concerning our beloved hobby. So my main problem is often the creativity. I love to take pictures but from time to time I do get the feeling that everything just looks the same. Well … on every picture there’s at least one book and so the opportunities are limited. Some days ago I had a huge creativity loss and I was close to hurtling my camera at a wall – not that I would actually do that, because hey. My camera is my precious baby!. I was down and my mood was bad to put it nice. I turned my books in every possible direction but still wasn’t satisfied. And furthermore I had the feeling that I already took pictures of every book I own in every possible combination.

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