wrap-up: may 2017

After I missed posting about my April wrap-up, I couldn’t pass the chance in sharing the books I’ve read this month. After preparing for the release of A Court of Wings and Ruin – aka a reread of A Court of Mist and Fury – was extremely thrilled to read above mentioned book. So my whole month of May was originally dedicated to the book I waited so long for. Still I managed to read 6 books in total which makes my quite happy considering the fact that my average goal is to read 3 books. But now, without further ado, here are the books as well as some thoughts on them:

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holiday reading: april 2017

When it comes to packing books for my holidays, I endure the biggest struggles when it comes to books. How many books am I likely to read? Which ones will be fitting my holiday mood the best? Are these really enough or do I need to bring half of my shelves? Most of the time I pack 3 to 4 books and most of the times these aren’t enough (depending on which kind of holiday I’m going).

For April I’ll be on a more or less relaxing one over the week before easter. The actual plan was going skiing – so I only have time to read in the evening, when coming back to the house I’ll be staying. But since the weather changed its plans and there is nearly no snow on which I could be skiing, I also have to over think my plans concerning the books. I will now have a whole week to read without interruptions.

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wrap-up: march 2017

Another post within two days and on a sunday? Impossible! Well … I normally don’t participate in a wrap-up of books I read in a month. But since things are going better than expected when it comes to reading, I might as well show you what I managed to do! So yes, an unpredicted post! But anyways – I wanted to read 3 books in March but finished 5 in the end. My goal is currently really low because of work – I have an incredible amount of hours per week even though I’m “only” working in an office – but at the same time I managed to read 14 books this year with a total goal of 30 for 2017. Looking at this rate – almost the half in 3 months! – I might be able to read more than I initially thought. But I’ll be stopping right here talking about work and goals and instead show you which books I finished last month:

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