bookish maps

One of my absolute favourite genres is and will always be the fantasy genre. Most of the fantasy books I’ve read until now are set in a fictional world with its own rules and – mostly – every kind of magic. I love to see a good world building which gives me a place I want to escape to and explore in all its oddities. Together with a fictional world mostly comes a map of it. And that is what makes a book even more interesting for me. I love seeing maps in books and while I love a wonderful drawn one, I also love to take a look on it while reading. Maps are not only useful when giving a first impression but they are also perfect to comprehend the travels of the characters. Some maps I know better than my home country and this shows how much I love looking at maps of fictional places. So I thought about putting up a list with beautiful maps featured in books and why I love them so much. To see the maps, just click on the arrow behind each name.

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